Discover what a powerful eCommerce platform really means

All the tools you need to build a successful online store. Focus on growing your business, while we take care of the rest.

Your shop's design, just as you want it

Choose one of the templates from our gallery of responsive designs that adapt to any screen size, or create your own unique design. ShopMania BIZ offers you direct access to CSS and HTML, if you wish to set up your own design, or you can always turn to our team of professional designers that will integrate your custom design for you.

  • Choose a free responsive design from our template gallery; you absolutely don't need any graphical design skills or FTP software;
  • All designs are responsive, mobile-friendly and W3C/XHTML validated;
  • Graphics are optimized for perfect viewing in any type of browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera);
  • You get full access to edit your store's CSS and HTML directly from the browser, by simply accessing your control panel;
  • Easily insert banners (images, HTML) in all the key places on your website;
  • The File Management module helps you efficiently organize and manage your resources and files;
  • Interested in selling on foreign markets? Use the multi-lang interface and multi-currency features;
  • Instantly add scripts, tags or different other code snippets with the help of the Tag Manager;
  • Create new custom pages on your website; add any type of content with the help of our editor (WYSIWYG), that is both easy to use and flexible;
  • Change the default text content in your store or the content of the automatic emails in just a couple of clicks.

Your built-in Marketing suite

The built-in Marketing tools available on ShopMania Biz make it possible for you to increase your visibility in search engines and on social media, provide your clients with the necessary incentive to place an order and help you increase your sales.
Discover the features or Marketing apps that will help you sell more, with less effort.

  • Social media integrations: Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Store;
  • API integration with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools;
  • Highlights and featured placements for new products, discounted products or special offers;
  • Upselling module based on the display of similar products;
  • Complex promotions (discounted products, product packages, gift products, products with free shipping etc.);
  • Discount coupons;
  • Customer groups with preferential prices based on customer history;
  • Abandoned carts management;
  • Favorite products module in your shop;
  • Post-sale customer feedback collection system;
  • Automatic customer notification system when products are back in stock;
  • Email Marketing apps;
  • Customer testimonials module and comments / product reviews apps;
  • Access to performance reports and detailed statistics;
  • Live support & chat apps for on-site customer support.

Get noticed in the search engine results pages

By using ShopMania Biz, you get onsite SEO and a wide series of tools that will boost your shop's performance in searches. Your store is built with a perfectly optimized SEO structure in mind, so that you can reach the top results in search engines.
Our clients that have made it to the first result pages stand as proof with the sales volumes they generate daily. Learn more about the SEO benefits that you can also get:

  • Advanced onsite optimization developed over time by SEO experts;
  • Proper use of robots.txt file, which you can also edit freely;
  • Logical and correct use of the nofollow attribute for links and noindex attribute for pages, in order to allow PageRank to pass only to relevant pages and to avoid duplicate content;
  • Automatic XML sitemap generation for direct search engine indexing and automatic submission (Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and others);
  • API integration with Google Webmaster Tools (GWT);
  • Proper use of tags: H1, H2,..., H6;
  • Optimized URLs (rewrite mode) including the product name, category, tag or brand;
  • Automatic generation of 301 redirects for modified pages and of 404 pages for missing pages;
  • Clean and simple HTML code, W3C validated;
  • Smart naming for image files with inclusion of the product name;
  • Separation of the HTML code from the CSS code and JavaScript;
  • CSS and Javascript files hosted on fast servers, for increased page loading speed;
  • Constant optimization, considering the latest search engine algorithm changes;
  • SSL setup.

Domains and hosting

Top quality hosting, completely free

Stop worrying about having to purchase your own server or a separate hosting service. No matter if you use your own domain or subdomain, ShopMania Biz provides you with free hosting on high performance servers and, depending on the setup you choose, you can easily create and manage your email accounts, all from the same place.

Performance that you can rely on

The loading time of your website is essential for achieving good visibility in search engines and also for your conversion rate. Equally important is also how fast you are able to manage your store. ShopMania Biz Cloud eCommerce will always be ready to efficiently support your new volume of clients, orders, traffic and continuously growing product catalog.

SSL Setup for maximum security

Offer your customers the safety they need in order to place an order in your store. Set up an SSL Certificate in the easiest way possible, no matter if you purchase it from a third party provider or through ShopMania Biz. By also opting in to use SSL to connect to your shop's control panel, your data will always stay secure.

99.9% Uptime and 24/7 Monitoring

In order to ensure increased accessibility for your selling platform, the ShopMania Biz shops are protected by multiple security layers that prevent unauthorized access and are also monitored 24/7. ShopMania Biz Cloud eCommerce will allocate all the necessary resources so that your shop functions perfectly 99.9% of the time, even during traffic peaks such as Black Friday.

It's never been easier to manage your product catalog

With ShopMania Biz you can start selling your products in just a few minutes. Set up and manage your product catalog easily, regardless of the particular characteristics that your products may have.
Add your products individually or import them directly from your suppliers, monitor and manage your stock, generate dynamic feeds and provide them to your resellers.

  • You can sell any type of products (software, perfumes, IT&C, clothing, jewelry etc.) or digital products (downloads);
  • Add products individually or upload them in bulk from product files provided by suppliers;
  • Define product variants based on color, size or any other attribute and manage them individually with the help of variant SKU codes;
  • Manage stocks for products or variants and monitor them with our automated stock notifications;
  • Automatically update your product catalog using the automated import feature;
  • Create dynamic product feeds and let your partners or resellers work with them;
  • Organize your product catalog using multipe category levels, tags, additional fields created directly by you, manufacturers and various other criteria;
  • Present your products in the most convincing way - creating a rich photo gallery or adding product videos will surely boost your sales;
  • Extend the information included in your product catalog with the help of custom fields that you can define for both products and categories;
  • The customizable upselling or similar products modules will surely improve your conversion rate in an instant.

Faster order processing equals happier customers

Optimize your operational flows and increase your shop's performance! Process orders quickly, organize them according to their processing status, issue fiscal documents, manage the payments and the refunds - all in one place!

  • Online and offline payment methods, including pay in store;
  • Flat or dynamically calculated shipping fees, based on product weight or order value, areas with free shipping;
  • Custom statuses for orders, for improved processing and order management;
  • Detailed processing history for each order;
  • Issuing of fiscal documents (proformas, invoices, receipts);
  • Data export for orders or ordered products in CSV, Excel;
  • Customer groups with preferential prices automatically applied based on customer history;
  • Add customers to Blacklist and define custom rules for restricting customer access to various website areas;
  • Data export for clients in CSV, Excel;
  • Multiple administrators system with different access levels;
  • Multi-lang control panel, for easier cooperation with multicultural teams.

Your online business, no restrictions

The flexibility you get with ShopMania Biz allows you to build and expand your online business just as you've planned, starting with your own completely custom design and up to integrations with third-party solutions.
If you're interested in additional features, our team with more than 15 years of experience in eCommerce is ready to help you out.

  • Control of CSS and HTML for your design, edited directly from browser;
  • Dedicated shop IP;
  • APIs & Webhooks;
  • Data export in custom formats;
  • Custom fields system for extending the product catalog, clients or orders;
  • Advanced Content management system that allows the creation of custom pages and file upload;
  • Multiple administrators system with different permission levels;
  • Easy editing of default website content and default automatic emails.

We provide the best stability and security, so that you can focus entirely on your business!

The secret of a successful online business lies in the amount of time that you are able to dedicate to expanding your business. Say goodbye to all the hassle and worries regarding infrastructure, hosting, servers or downtime, because with ShopMania Biz you get the most secure and reliable Cloud eCommerce solution. It's time to take your time and grow your online business!

  • Cloud eCommerce architecture;
  • 100% Scalability;
  • Full anti-fraud and anti-hacking protection;
  • SPF & DKIM;
  • SSL setup;
  • Daily back-ups;
  • Hosting on high performance servers, increased redundancy;
  • Uptime of over 99.9%;
  • 24/7 Monitoring.